AI is coming. Or did he conquer us?

Scientists begin to sound the alarm.

The progress of the last decade in the development of AI systems looks daunting. AI is getting smarter every day, not only becoming a part of the revolution, but taking control of it.

According to scientists from several universities, we have entrusted too much to computers, and now we are on the threshold of the Matrix. But where do we expect Neo to come from? AI gained access to healthcare, banking, navigation and management, logistics, and security.

Practical steps may be our salvation, researchers say. For example, algorithmic discrimination or the use of AI to deliberately deceive. Computer scientists must work with social science and legal experts to ensure that AI pitfalls are minimized. These are the conclusions reached by the Stanford University AI100 project team.

Now humanity needs to decide how AI will stand in the service of humanity, and not take up arms against it. Social mechanics, humanization of AI, as well as increased control over the algorithms of systems can provide useful experience and do a good job. Otherwise, we run the risk of turning from the type of manager to the type of employee.

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