The Ameca robot is striking in its resemblance to humans.

Ameca robot

The British company Engineered Arts presented its development – the robot Ameca, which is very similar to humans and created as an example of its technology in this area.

Engineered Arts has published information on the Ameca robot developed by its engineers on the Web. According to the manufacturer’s description, Ameca is the most advanced human-shaped robot in the world. As conceived by the creators, this robot will serve for the development of robotics in general and will help in the future to establish interactions between robots and people, as well as help potential employers to facilitate the hiring of robots.

Engineered Arts engineers specifically tried to make the robot similar to humans. They came to success thanks to their own developments: the Tritium operating system and the Mesmer platform for creating robots.

Unlike most robots, Ameca is able to imitate humans with gestures and facial expressions. In particular, he expresses curiosity and surprise – it looks like the behavior of people.

The Engineered Arts website says that the Ameca robot can be purchased or rented, but it does not indicate how much you need to pay for this interesting development.

Engineered Arts is a British developer and manufacturer of human-like robots. Their main field of application is entertainment, so they are purchased by science centers, theme parks and other organizations that want to impress people. Engineered Arts has been engaged in such research since 2005 and calls itself the most advanced British developer of robotics.

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