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Centaurs and avatars: what human robot hybrids may appear in 2022.

A hybrid of human robot and artificial intelligence may appear as early as this year. This point of view was expressed by a Russian scientist, director of the Competence Center of the National Technological Initiative "Machine Learning Technologies and Cognitive Technologies" on the basis of ITMO University Alexander Bukhanovsky.
Bukhanovsky said that among hybrid technologies, the so-called "cognitive centaurs" will be the most popular. These are decision support systems, when a human robot and artificial intelligence solve a complex problem together.
It is important that the solution of the problem will occur on an equal footing - until now, humans have only taught and controlled artificial intelligence.
Such technologies will be useful at large industrial facilities, says Alexander Bukhanovsky. A person will be able to solve individual parts of the problem due to intuition, and artificial intelligence human robot - due to large amounts of memory.
Last year, information technology in Russia automatically proposed a solution to the problem of preventing floods and won first place at the hackathon of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, overtaking people in the speed of solutions, the scientist notes.
A breakthrough in artificial intelligence can be perceived in many ways. On the one hand, it reduces the need for human labor. On the other hand, insufficiently qualified specialists are eliminated.
Also in demand in 2022 will be digital avatars - data sets that characterize a person in cyberspace.

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