Elephant robot: Walking with elephants.

Elephant robot: Walking with elephants

In 2017, John Downer Productions created for channels. featuring flora and fauna, including BBC One and PBS / Nature’s naturalistic spy robots that the fauna has accepted as members of the flock. Having infiltrated a group of animals, spy robots can safely take pictures of wildlife in natural conditions without harming the environment.
Over the years, the Spy Robot in the Wild project has become much more perfect: the monkey was taught to play snowballs, the squirrel was taught to gnaw nuts, and the robot turtle even imitated the laying of artificial eggs. More recently, the company unveiled the largest robot in its lineup, the Borneo dwarf elephant calf (Elephas maximus borneensis).
This elephant subspecies lives in the Asian region, on the island of Kalimantan, and belongs to an endangered species. There are no more than 1,500 of them in the wild.
The elephant robot stuck to a flock of elephants while they were bathing, and befriended them. He managed to shoot a lot of material during this walk, which will form the basis of a science video about these amazing animals.

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