Engineered Arts, Ameca robot – this is my space!

Engineered Arts, Ameca robot - this is my space

Engineered Arts’ Ameca robot will keep humans out of their comfort zone. The Engineered Arts’ Ameca robot gets offended when someone pokes a finger in its nose, and tries to prevent such actions. The researchers programmed the robot in such a way that it tracks a safe distance of interaction with a person, and interferes with human actions that could harm it.

The developers hope that Ameca robot will give people a glimpse into the future because it “represents the cutting edge of robotics technology.”

“Designed specifically as a platform for the development of future robotics technologies, Ameca robot is an ideal humanoid robot platform for human-robot interaction,” the company said in a statement.

“We are committed to providing you with innovative technologies that are reliable, modular, upgradeable and easy to develop.”

Engineered Arts was formed in 2005 and its first robot was a mechanical “Thespian” for the stage. Of the latest development, the company said: “Ameca reacts when things enter their” personal space. “

“It’s even starting to scare us at Engineered Arts, and we’re used to it!”

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