Gardening robot.

In mid-September 2021, Priva entered the market with the world's first fully autonomous Kompano gardening robot. It has already begun to be used in practice.

Harvest handling is an important part of daily operations. The problems faced by agricultural producers are becoming more complex. Skilled and paid workforce is becoming increasingly scarce while global food demand continues to grow at an accelerated pace. Robotics provides a solution to this problem by increasing the continuity and predictability of day-to-day operations while keeping costs constant or even lower - gardening robot.

According to Priva, this is the first gardening robot on the market that can independently move around the greenhouse with employees, and this also makes autonomous round-the-clock pruning of leaves in horticulture a new reality. Adding that the adoption of robotization is a major revolution in the horticultural market and meets the global need for sustainable innovation with enormous potential. After careful research and development, always in cooperation with our greenhouse test gardeners, the Kompano gardening robot is now completely ready for use on the market.

Kompano gardening robot is designed for round-the-clock care of tomato plants. It is the world's first robot to provide users with a cost-effective alternative for manual tomato picking. Intelligent algorithms and patented end gripper guarantee over 85% efficiency on a 1 hectare weekly area.

The gardening robot makes it easy for farmers to manage the workforce, it is easily controlled by a smart device, and is customized according to the user's preferences and requirements. Kompano offers equipment training support and a comprehensive service program.

Kompano has been tested in several greenhouses in the Netherlands. Priva and MTA in Helmond designed the robot and prepared it for production. A batch of 50 robots are in production at the MTA plant by September 2021. Over time, the Kompano range will be expanded with a robotic leaf cutter for cucumbers and robotic harvesting robots for tomatoes and cucumbers.

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