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HausBots rescue robot for builders.

The new development of the HausBots company, together with scientists, is designed to reduce the level of injuries and deaths when performing high-risk jobs. The new rescue robot, like Spider-Man, crawls on horizontal planes, performing difficult, dangerous and routine work, which not every builder will agree to.

HausBots is a company based in Birmingham, UK. The rescue robot is equipped with four rubber tires and is connected to a ground remote control via a 110 volt electric cable. It can also be equipped with different attachments weighing up to 6 kg, allowing it to perform different tasks.

The HausBots rescue robot is designed to reduce the overall number of accidents that occur during climbing work. Statistics tell us that every year in developed countries, the overall level of injuries while performing mountaineering work remains extremely high. This model of the robot, which can not only be bought or sold, but the robot can also be hired, is designed to reduce mortality among high-altitude workers.

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