A truly useful home robot is presented.

It's pretty simple, but that's what it does.
The startup Labrador Systems has unveiled robots for the home at CES 2022 that look realistic and do not raise expectations. In fact, these are unmanned regiments.

The new home robots are called Caddie and Retriever. They are designed to help you around the house and can bring you the necessary items. Both robots are about the size of a side table and equipped with wheels and sensors that allow them to move around the house. Owners must set up their cars with several “stops” (for example, “in the kitchen” and “by the couch”), and the robots will move between these places on command, automatically avoiding obstacles and people. Both bots can be controlled by apps or by voice commands via Alexa integration.

The maximum load on the home robots is about 11 kg. They charge automatically overnight. The Retriever can be raised and lowered on its own and can grip trays.

Such home robots can be especially useful for people with disabilities.

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