Industrial robot for control and monitoring dangerous factories.

industrial robot

The Swiss company ANYbotics has demonstrated a new industrial robot – ANYmal D, which can operate in a temperature range of -20 to 500 ° C and is designed to test complex industrial and power plants.

The four-legged industrial robot climbs into hard-to-reach places and checks the operation of the equipment: for example, it can detect overheating through a thermal imaging camera or unusual sounds (using a microphone), indicating possible problems with the system.

The robotic inspector is equipped with a lidar for a panoramic view of the area and wide-angle color cameras that allow the industrial robot to avoid obstacles and “navigate” in space. Once having given him a route and stopping points, the robot can then follow it and check the systems for malfunctions. If a problem is detected during a walk, the walking robot will send an alert to the control room via Wi-Fi or LTE.

ANYmal D can operate in a wide temperature range (-20 to 500 ° C) and in the dark (for this purpose, a 3500 lumen LED floodlight is provided). Also, the manufacturer notes the presence of a built-in computer, with the help of which the robot can perform the assigned tasks without an Internet connection. A camera with a built-in 20x zoom provides a visual inspection of mechanisms without the need to get close to them.

The battery life of the device is one and a half hours. Before the batteries are completely discharged, the industrial robot independently returns to the charging station, where it needs to stay for about three hours to replenish the battery charge from 0 to 100%.

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