For the first time in Israel, robots serve customers in a restaurant.

The Herzliya branch of the Benedict restaurant chain has launched a pilot project to use robots to help waiters, according to Wednesday 15 December.
KettyBot robots, manufactured by the Chinese company Pudu, bring orders to tables and also take used dishes to the sink. While the vending machines are not able to serve the table, they only deliver the dishes, and place the waiters, which greatly facilitates his work, freeing him from the need to carry heavy trays with orders or used dishes.

The second type of Israeli-made robot, called Temi, acts as an administrator who receives and seats visitors.

One Robotix is supplying and servicing Pudu robots in Israel. During the preparation of the pilot project, One Robotix employees added a "map of the area" of the restaurant, as well as table numbers to the vending machine program. Thus, the robots are perfectly oriented in space and clearly follow the routes that the waiters lay down to deliver food to the desired tables, and also arrive on time to help with cleaning.

In addition, the robot can deliver an invoice or, for example, napkins to a specific table (for this, you need to dial the table number on the robot's control panel), which also frees the waiter from a number of actions and gives him the opportunity to devote more time to visitors.
Finally, the robot is programmed to apologize if it crosses a person's path.

Yair Kindler, owner of Benedict, explained that there is an acute shortage of waiters, especially after the practice of BATH (unpaid leave). He expressed the hope that robots will significantly facilitate the work of the service personnel, which will attract additional personnel to the institution. During the pandemic, according to the restaurant owner, there was an acute demand for service workers. By hiring a robot, scarcity can be avoided.

Gilad and Jessica, visitors to the Benedict restaurant in Herzliya, shared their impressions of the robots they encountered for the first time: “At first we were surprised. Then we thought that we were talking about a process to attract customers, but very soon they realized how much the robot helps the waiter. that such a technology had been invented. Our table was served by three robots who brought food, took away used appliances. At the entrance we were also met by a robot. He was friendly and courteous. "
"- I myself would have bought myself such a robot! - the restaurant's visitors affirm with a smile"
"- And I would hire such a robot for my work," laughs one of a group of businessmen who came to a business lunch at a restaurant.

It is noted that the potential of already functioning robots in a restaurant in Herzliya is far from being used up to the end. For example, machines can be programmed to dance and sing around the birthday table. In addition, it is possible to configure voice control (currently only from the control panel by selecting or typing commands), that is, the robot will follow instructions from the voice "give", "take away", etc. It is possible that this will be implemented in the future.

Thus, the Benedict in Herzliya was probably the first restaurant in Israel to employ robots to help waiters. At the same time, it is expected that a robotic pizzeria will soon appear in Israel. The opening of the first automated branch of Pizza Hut is planned in the Drorim shopping center at the Bnei Dror intersection.
Jobs for Robots! Work for Robots! Hire a Robot!

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