The jumping robot will be transported to the moon for research.

The jumping robot will be transported to the moon for research

Arizona State University and the American company Intuitive Machines have decided to deliver a small jumping robot to the south pole of the moon. He will take pictures of the interior of the lunar craters there.

The above organizations have already signed a corresponding contract with NASA. The robot will be called Micro-Nova. He will study interesting places on the moon – craters that never come under direct sunlight. Water ice can be stored there.
The Micro-Nova will hop across the surface of an Earth satellite and attempt to capture the first ever photographs of the interior of the craters near the pole. The total payload mass of the robot will be one kilogram. It is capable of taking both black and white and color images.

The robot will be launched to the Moon in December 2022. The amount of the contract for its creation is $ 41.6 million.

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