A third-year student in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence projected for a First-Class degree in 2023. Upon finishing my degree, I aim to begin a master’s degree in a Robotics field and then hope to begin a PhD upon completion relating to Space Robotics. I've had extensive experience in veterinary as shown below and within my lifetime I would love to combine my love of animals and robotics into one by creating something to benefit the veterinary field. I have already incorporated these interests into my previous A-level coding assignment and my previous AI research project stated below. Outside of research and university assignments, I enjoy tinkering away at my own personal projects of Lego, wood kits, and small robotics kits. To me, this is how I relax and regain my focus after a day of working and further inspires me to create my own blueprints for robotics projects I would love to create. Tinkering away at projects may correlate with university work, so I also love to bring my creative freedom with the hobby of drawing. I also have amounted experience within the hospitality industry by working in hotels as well as being a part of agencies that staff events and festivals. For example, I have previously worked at concerts including Tom Jones and Pamola Faith doing food service.

My employment type:

Full-time employees

My work level:

Entry level

I have posibility relocation
I'm looking for a position:

Robotics Engineer

Desired salary

1000000 € per year

Work experience

  • S
    Student Life Campus Connector - Inclusion
    Edge Hill University · Contract 20.09.2022 - 17.10.2022

    Dates Worked: 20/09/2022 - Present

  • H
    Hotel Assistant
    Milton Hilltop Hotel · Full-time 02.08.2022 - 16.09.2022

    Dates Worked: 02/08/2022 - 16/09/2022

  • M
    Omdena Turkiye Chapter / Omdena Turkey Chapter 01.01.2021 - 01.06.2022

    Project Title: Predicting Earthquakes with Machine Learning In an 8-week project with more than 50 collaborators, we are spending the time reviewing the earthquake prediction machine learning models in the literature and then building a basic model using the country’s existing earthquake data. We are doing this to hopefully aid in the research so that in the future we can predict the exact time and location of earthquakes with artificial intelligence to hopefully reduce deaths from these disasters. The three learning outcomes of this project are: - Visualisation of Turkey’s earthquake data - The literature review of AI earthquake prediction models - A basic earthquake prediction model


  • E
    Edge Hill University
    01.09.2020 - 01.09.2023 Grade: Expected First ClassGrade: Expected First Class Activities and societies: Member of various societies as well as volunteering as a course representative and student mentor. As well as taking part in the departmental research group from January 2021 to September 2021.Activities and societies: Member of various societies as well as volunteering as a course representative and student mentor. As well as taking part in the departmental research group from January 2021 to September 2021.…see more First Year 2020/21: - Foundations of Computer Science - Understanding Continous Functions - Programming Concepts to Construction One (Python) - Programming Concepts to Construction Two (Java) - Mathematical Proof and Logic - Digital World: Computer Architecture and Networks Second Year 2021/22: - Object-Oriented Programing - Software Engineering - Employability - Foundations in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence - Applied Industrial Automation - Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Third Year 2022/23: - Advanced Robotics and Artificial Intelligence - Autonomous Secure Systems and Smart Devices - Research and Development Project - Embedded Systems - Research and Development Methods
  • Trinity School, Carlisle
    01.01.2013 - 01.01.2020 A Levels 2018-2020: Computer Science: B Biology: C Chemistry : D GCSEs 2013-2018: Mathematics: 7 (A) Computer Science: 7 (A) Biology: 7 (A) English Language: 6 (B) Chemistry: 6 (B) Physics: 6 (B) Geography: 6 (B) English Literature: 5 (B) French: 4 (C) Religious Studies: 4 (C)


Accounting Administrative skills Analytical Skills


  • Armenian - level 5/10
  • Bosnian - level 5/10

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