Mattias Bergstrom is a successful Innovator, entrepreneur, and futurist with a main focus on business and technical strategies of distributed network, AI and computing based solutions, and while leading companies in Silicon Valley he has developed multiple Internet protocols in the last 20 years and hold more the 60 patent claims in the field of networking. He also holds patents in wind turbine, electric motors and agricultural technologies. Been designing high-speed network solutions for more than 25 years, deployed Voddler a P2P based video delivery system in 2006. Have founded and co-founded six startups as CEO and CTO, huge believer in the Internet, and technology overall, for good. He currently supports Governments and Fortune500 with groundbreaking technology and strategic advice. “Being an inventor by heart, a developer by learning, a product manager with creativity and a business maker with passion have been my ingredients for a happy and very successful professional life.” - Mattias Bergstrom

My employment type:

Full-time employees

My work level:


I have posibility relocation
I'm looking for a position:

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Desired salary

1000000 ₣ per year

Work experience

  • F
    Founder, Chairman & Lead Product Architect
    Internet 01.06.2020 - 18.10.2022

    Internet of Everything is the decentralized software layer that runs on top of IoT devices and provides personal walled gardens of any size. An IoE personal walled garden provides computing, storage, and secure connectivity to the World Wide Web. It is autonomous and self-repairing through a pooling of resources into Data Lakes, parallel computing clusters, and provides secure web surfing over data tunnels. Ultra Hub is an End to End IoT device using power line connectivity to provide environment sensors for homes, hospitals, buildings, traffic. Ultra Hub is based on an ARM core with an added AI co-processor and a family of sensors ranging from temperature to motion.

  • President
    SpacePort One 01.01.2020 - 18.10.2022


  • M
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    01.09.1987 - 01.12.1987 Robotics TechnologyRobotics Technology Sep 1987 - Dec 1987Sep 1987 - Dec 1987 Grade: Courses Grade: Courses Researched and developed autonomous robots techniques for space exploration, in a combined hardware and software program sponsored by NASA.
  • S
    Stanford University School of Engineering
    01.06.1986 - 01.12.1987 Grade: Summer courses


Systems Analysis


  • English - level 5/10

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