Global market leader with many years of expertise in Magnetarc welding With more than 200 Magnetarc welding machines installed in more than 19 countries, KUKA is a global market leader and has been supplying Magnetarc welding machines since 1972. Since then, the technique has been continually improved and developed. The latest generation of welding machines offers even greater process quality and an increase in output. Process control is assured by the optimized KUKA process monitoring and documentation system PCD. And more productivity is ensured by countless enhancements in the design, together with maintenance and service intervals of unsurpassed length. Advantages of KUKA Magnetarc welding machines Leading by experience: KUKA not only builds the machines, but is also a practical user of Magnetarc technology as a contract manufacturer. This enables important findings to be directly incorporated into the development of new machines and processes. Maximum cost reduction: the state-of-the-art Magnetarc welding processes make it possible to limit use of expensive material to those points that are relevant for the component. Maximum weld quality: opt for a production process in which every component is validated. Maximum flexibility: whether a single-head, double-head or vertical machine. We offer you the ideal solution for every component. Component optimization: the mobility industry requires solutions for weight reduction. Welding paves the way for the mobility of the future. Maximum ergonomics: the use of intuitive touchscreen operation and the ergonomically designed working area make work faster and more effective. Wide variety of material combinations: the Magnetarc welding machine enables the joining of challenging material combinations. Machines custom-tailored to your needs KUKA offers you customer-specific, process-reliable and cost-effective solutions with forge force ranging from 50 to 600 kN. The Magnetarc welding machines are available as single-head or double-head versions. Our portfolio also includes special applications with a vertical machine design.

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