DESCRIPTION SPEC RANGE (LOS) 200 km RANGE (SAT-COM) 2.500 km (optional) MISSION RADIUS 2.500 km SERVICE CEILING 5.000 m CRUISE SPEED 125 km/h FUEL Gasoline PROPULSION 30Hp two-stroke, fuel-injection TRANSPONDER Mode C & Mode S AVIONICS IMU, GPS, redundant systems LENGTH 4,10 m HEIGHT 1,2 m WINGSPAN 7,2 m MTOW 200 kg EMPTY WEIGHT 100 kg PAYLOAD 30 kg NAV-SYSTEM GPS, Beidou, GNSS TWO MAN CREW The ground control station contains from two computers, communications link and monitors. One operator is the pilot in command and is responsible for aircraft operation and monitoring of aircraft system health. The second operator is the sensor operator. This person is responsible for sensor control and monitoring of communication link integrity. SAFETY From a triple redundant autopilot to double redundant datalink, SkyRobotTM FX450 is packed with safety measures that increase robustness and reliability for all weather operations. Its carbon-fiber and fiberglass airframe structure offer the structural integrity expected in manned aircraft standards. SkyRobotTM FX450 has been proven in many different harsh environments, including hot conditions at high ambient temperatures and relative humidity, as well as cold, snowy conditions. The air vehicle is capable of take-off, flight operations, and recovery in temperatures ranges well below freezing and up to +55°C degrees. ENERGY EFFICIENT SkyRobotTM FX450 has very low energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions compared to manned aircraft with the same payload capability. System can be airborne for 20+ hours, covering 5,500km2 per flight, and only consuming 100 liters of gasoline.

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