freight1500 Heavy Duty Automated Pallet Transport The Freight1500 is the new workhorse of the warehouse, safely transporting large and heavy payloads autonomously throughout your facility. Forklift operators no longer need to spend valuable time on manned travel and can be re-purposed to higher value tasks. Automating pallet transport reduces traffic and incidents and creates a less congested and safer warehouse environment. Freight1500 can accommodate a standard North American pallet size of 40″x48″ and has a 1500kg payload capacity. Freight1500’s proprietary design and built-in sensor technology provide the smoothest movement, resulting in class leading safety and speeds. Max Payload Weight: 1500 kg (3300 lbs) Max Payload Dimensions: 150 cm (59") x 115 cm (45") Max Speed: 1.5 m/s Automate Repetitive Case Movement and Pallet Transport Workflows Many case and pallet workflows can be automated in your facility with On-Demand Automation using the Freight1500. Take command of your automation by instantly modifying workflows using our powerful cloud-based software to address dynamic business environments and just-in-time demand. INTEGRATION FEATURES Flexible Integration with Devices, Sensors, and Systems Coordinating activity between your workforce, facility, and robots has never been easier. Start automating right out of the box and create customized tasks with FetchCore WorkFlow Builder. Quickly setup handheld devices such as scanners, tablets, and even smartphones to initiate robot workflows from anywhere in your facility. Robots can also communicate with motor conveyor lines and ASRSs, as well as proximity, pressure, photo-electric and other various sensors to automatically initiate workflows. For complete human and robot orchestration, FetchCore can be fully integrated with your WMS, WES, or MES to optimize your resources for maximum efficiency.

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