Technical Specifications MECHANICAL Dimensions: 1.040 x 650 x 530 mm Weight: 165 Kg Speed: 2,5 m/s Environment: Indoor/Outdoor Autonomy: Up to 8h Batteries: LiFePO4 30Ah@48V Traction motors: 4 x 500 W Swerve motors: 2 x 100 W Ackermann/4 x 100 W OMNI 4 Temperature range: -10°C a +45°C Payload: Up to 150 Kg Maximum slope: 47% CONTROL Controller: Open architecture ROS/PC with Linux integrated Communication: WiFi 802.11n (5G/4G optional) Connectivity: Internal: USB, RS232, RJ45 / External: 2x USB, 2x RJ45, 1X hdmi + USD, 5, 12 VDC and 48v power supplies Accessories UR5 Arm (e-Series) 3D Lidar 3D range cameras 6 DOF tracking camera PTZ camera Lift system Towing system Docking station End effector Tool camera Radio control station GPS Standard or safety 2D lidar Last Mile Delivery Set Vulkollan wheels

My employment type:

Full-time employees

Desired salary

100000 $


autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) logistics robots

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