Electric Passenger-grade Autonomous Aerial Vehicle Superior to the traditional manned aircraft, the technology design concept of EHang AAV follows three philosophies: full redundancy to ensure security, autonomous pilot and centralized control of the intelligent command-and-control center. This eco-friendly and intelligent low-altitude passenger-grade autonomous aerial vehicle provides a low-altitude short-and-medium-haul transportation solution for the future intelligent transportation. Autonomous Flight Real-time Network Connection The technology of autonomous flight eliminates the possibility of failure or malfunction caused by man-made errors. Without any concern about controlling or operating the aircraft, the passengers can just sit and enjoy the journey. Flight routes will be surveyed in advance to preset multiple feasible plans for the user. EHang AAV uses 4G/5G as the high-speed wireless transmission channel to communication smoothly with the command-and-control center, thus enabling remote control of the aircraft and real-time transmission of flight data. Visual Positioning For Vertical Takeoff & Landing Traditional infrastructure such as large airport or runway is not required, suiting the scenario demands of urban air mobility and serving as an effective way to relieve the current traffic congestion pressures. Electric Green Power EHang AAV uses electric power to reduce environmental harm caused by emission. The aircraft can be fully charged in two hours. The charging devices can communicate in real time with the aircraft Battery Management System (BMS).

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electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL)

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