Penguin-Plasma Air Sterilizing Robot Plasma disinfection technology, using high-voltage ionization to release high-concentration plasma, not produce harmful substances, and coexists with human and machine; Removing formaldehyde, stronger sterilization and purfication capability. Plasma density is the core indicator to determine disinfection efficiency Within 30 minutes, elimination of HCoV-229E reachs 99.99% Environmental-friendly, No consumables & Low ozone emissions Penguin Plasma air sterilizing robot’s ozone emission level ≦0.046PPM; WHO safe ozone emission level≦0.06PPM; NAAQS standard set by the US EPA ≦0.12PPM; Lower than both of these standard, meeting global indoor environment's environmental protection requirements. Ozone Emission Testing Report APP program will adjust the switching frequency of the plasma, module according to the size of the disinfection space and the set ozone concentration. Even if the circulating air volume is adjusted to the maximum level, the ozone emission will not exceed the standard. Safety Protection Visual Obstacle Detection & Avoidance With industry-leading SLAM technology, intelligent mobility and autonomous obstacle avoidance; multi-sensor fusion help quickly and quickly avoid high and low obstacles. ulti-language Supported Intelligent APP Control, free switching of Korean, Japanese, French, Spanish, English; Voice customized service can be provided based on different sccenes requests. Product Qualification The killing rate of HCoV-229E coronavirus is more than 99.99%, Passing strict medical disinfection effect testing and complete CMA testing, and has CE certification.

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