The Mighty Delivery Robot is an Innovation Award Winner.

Mighty Delivery Robot

The cute delivery robot developed by Piezo Sonic received one of the most important awards at CES 2022. Its main feature is that it can move not only on a flat surface, but also overcome various obstacles. All this happens thanks to the unique undercarriage of the delivery robot.
This model is equipped with four wheels, each of which has an independent drive, and can be rotated 90 degrees. Also, the delivery robot is able to change the trajectory depending on the terrain. But its main feature is that the robot can put the wheelbase in a circle and turn around on the spot!
Thanks to this invention, hired courier robots will no longer be mere boxes on wheels. This model is already a significant step towards changing the whole segment of delivery robots.

In addition to the independent suspension, the developers installed cameras, lidar, navigation systems, and articulated supports on the delivery robot. The weight of the robot is 25 kg, the carrying capacity is 20 kg, the maximum speed is 10 km / h. A full charge of the battery, according to the technical specifications, will last for 4 hours.

Mighty robots will soon be operational in Tokyo’s Ota Special District. Jobs for Robots! Work for Robots! Hire a Robot!

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