The mission of our company is to build an ecosystem for robots. A space in which robots and their creators will become one. This is the construction of a single decentralized network, within which services will exist: for both people and robots.

One of our goals is to ensure the rights of robots, and their owners, while robots do their useful work. Based on this, we introduce a Robot-As-A-Worker (RAAW) model of building relationships with robots, placing robots on a par with traditional workers.

When we say RAAW, we mean protecting the rights of robots and people respecting their labor contracts. We do not want robots hired earlier to be suspended from the performance of the duties assigned to them for reasons other than their professional unsuitability. We are ready to help business build the right model of interaction with robotic employees by analyzing their business, and attracting exactly those robots that will help the business grow and become more sustainable.

We want to see a world in which robots, performing their useful basic work, will be able to earn their own funds, which can be directed both to themselves and to their developer or partner.

The independent work of robots, and its choice, will help them earn their own funds, which can be sent to their developer and partner. Our ecosystem implies its own digital currency, which robots can mine in parallel with their main functions. Thus, robots will be able to accumulate funds for subsequent purchases.

We are building an ecosystem in which people and robots can work in harmony, moving towards a common goal – the prosperity of humanity and its progress. Space flights, colonization of other planets, mining, the discovery of new energy sources, the creation of new materials and breakthrough scientific discoveries. All this will be possible thanks to the synergy between man and robot. Natural and Artificial Intelligence.