Expo 2020 Dubai: Panda robot and Walker X robot from the China.

UBTECH Panda robot

Expo 2020 Dubai officially opened on October 1, the first World Expo since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and the first of its kind in the Middle East. With exhibitors from 192 countries, the exhibition is expected to attract 25 million visitors within six months.

During this event, the large humanoid service robots Panda and Walker, patented by UBTECH, were officially presented in the China Pavilion, one of the largest display areas at this exhibition. The pavilion is called “The Light of China”, which symbolizes reunification and hope. The UBTECH Panda robot and Walker X robots showcase China’s latest smart manufacturing and technological innovation on the global stage, as well as the country’s significant advancements in artificial intelligence.

As the sole official representative of AI Robotics at Expo 2020 Dubai, UBTECH Panda robot and Walker X robots provide intelligent services in several scenarios directly on the site.

UBTECH used the technology to create the Walker X anthropomorphic service robot to design the Panda robot, which is embodied as a legendary national animal for the event. inviting guests to take pictures, shoot videos and communicate with him.

UBTECH Panda’s 41-joint robot can perform Tai Chi gymnastics, demonstrate its skills in Chinese calligraphy, and other traditional Chinese arts and practices. This robot serves as a starting point for providing information on smart cities, agricultural practices and green practices that govern all of China.

According to China Trade News, Singapore Pavilion General Commissioner Larry Eun said he was deeply moved to meet the UBTECH Panda robot as Jiajia, one of the largest pandas in Singapore, recently gave birth to a cub.

With exhibits for exploration and discovery, the popular Walker X robotic guide engaging guests in China’s overall vision and technological advancements in space exploration, including the China Space Station, the Chang’e 5 Expedition, the Tianwen 1 Interplanetary Expedition and the Beidou Satellite Navigation System.

This exploration and discovery tour attracted a lot of attention from participants, including the director of the Dominican Republic Pavilion, Carolina Peguero, who noted that “China has made significant progress in space exploration.” She also added that she looks forward to actively sharing experiences with other countries from China.

In addition to robotics, Chinese artificial intelligence is helping to prevent the further spread of COVID-19 and helping to restore industrial production as well as normalcy. In 2021, the ADIBOT robot disinfector developed by UBTECH has been deployed around the world, including business centers in the Netherlands, hospitals for the treatment of COVID infected in Japan and a quarantine hotel in China.

UBTECH also supports AI-assisted learning in over 40 countries on 6 continents. The company provides AI and robotics education programs to more than 3,000 schools in China, making it the world’s largest provider of AI and robotics education solutions that integrate software and hardware.

UBTECH is continuously exploring the possibility of further application of products in the fields of education, entertainment, logistics and other industries in order to solve key social problems and meet basic social needs. As it expands its global presence, the company is committed to providing the world with cutting-edge technology and helping to build a better future with a shared destiny for humanity.

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