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Stanley Robotics parking autonomous robot.

Stanley Robotics reinvents parking and uses parking autonomous robots for this. This is the first parking autonomous robot in the world capable of moving vehicles outdoors. Parking autonomous robot can adapts to different obstacles it might meet in its way.
Stanley Robotics work with large international airports of Paris, the airports of Lyon-Saint Exupéry airport and the airports of London Gatwick.
Parking autonomous robots allow automated vehicle movements 24X7 during both day and night time. Most impotant - optimizing parking space, up to 50 % more vehicles within a given area.

The process for a car driver is very simple:
- Drop off your car and take out your bags.
- Make a registration in the terminal.
- The robot takes your car. Robot delicately lift the car by the tires to park it for you.
- Your car is parked in a secure parking.
- Upon your return, your car is waiting for you.

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