A pizzeria robot? For the first time in the world and only in Israel.

The world's first fully robotic pizzeria will start operating in Israel. Robots will both make and sell pizza in it, as well as clean the room.

The pizzeria robot will be launched by Pizza Hut Israel in cooperation with the Israeli startup Hyper food robotics. The pizzeria robot will be located in the Drorim shopping center, at the Bnei Dror intersection (highway number 4), north of Ra'anana.

The robots will make the dough, roll it out to the ideal thickness, measure out portions of cheese and ketchup, add all kinds of additives, load it all into the oven, unload it from the oven, cool and pack. The pizza should turn out to be standard, but the packaging is unusual: putting the finished pizza into it will not be on top, as we are used to, but on the side. It is more convenient for robotic manipulators. Monitoring and control over the process will be provided by more than 20 surveillance cameras and 120 sensors.

The time for making one pizza is about 9 minutes. Such a pizzeria will be able to continuously (24/7) make up to 60 pizzas per hour. The developers emphasize that the production of pizza will be water-saving, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. This will be facilitated by the fact that such a pizzeria will be located (like Cofix once) in a standard 12-meter container for transporting goods, divided into two temperature zones. This will provide the establishment with proper mobility.

“A container means no problems with architects, georeferencing, and so on. - says the CEO of Pizza Hut Israel Udi Shamai, who also led the Hyper food robotics startup. "If we see that we made a mistake with the place where the pizzeria-robot is installed, and the place is not lively, then we will simply move and that's it."

According to the CEO, if the robot pizzeria venture is successful, it will help solve another global problem, sharply exacerbated by the coronavirus epidemic - the lack of staff for fast food establishments. The work there is hard, requiring certain qualifications, but not prestigious. It is better if robots will do it.

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