Robot landscaper UMOZ from Panasonic.

Robot landscaper

The Japanese corporation Panasonic has introduced an unusual development called Umoz: a small companion robot whose task is to make your home or office greener and friendlier. When creating robot landscaper Umoz, the developers crossed modern digital technologies with a biological component. The outer part of the eco-robot is covered with green moss, which is widespread in Japan.

The technical side of robot landscaper includes numerous built-in sensors for humidity and light intensity. Thanks to them, robot landscaper Umoz moves around the room on its own, choosing the most comfortable places for itself. So, in sunny weather, the robot can run to a shady corner, but it is most pleased with a humid fog – it is in it that Umoz become the most mobile and active. The robot moves on six legs with drives. A special software algorithm is responsible for the behavior of the robot.

“Umoz eco-robots can live peacefully in private, workplace and public spaces. There are no special utilitarian functions for them yet, but these cute characters are sure to make people smile, ”says Panasonic.

With proper care, Umoz can live in a home or office for years: the main condition is regular watering.

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