Created a robot parrot grabbing objects.

Stanford scientists have constructed a robot with bird paws to carry objects.

Stanford University specialists have created a robot parrot that has legs for grabbing objects. This was reported on the website of the organization.

According to scientists, when designing a robot parrot, they were inspired by the abilities of animals. In particular, the engineers tried to recreate the bird's paws, with the help of which animals can grab and carry various objects, hold onto branches and push off objects at the start of flight. “After millions of years of evolution, they make it so easy to take off and land — even with the vast array of different trees in the forest,” said project member William Roderick, Ph.D.

Created by scientists, the SNAG (Stereotyped Nature-inspired Aerial Grasper) robot parrot consists of a quadrocopter and 3D-printed bird paws. Each paw has its own muscle and tendon counterpart, as well as an autonomous motor. The mechanism is used to absorb energy when landing and grabbing objects on the ground. Studying wildlife, engineers focused on parrots and peregrine falcons.

Enthusiasts have noticed that almost all movements of small birds are stereotyped, that is, they consist of numerous repetitive actions.

Experts believe that SNAG can be used in wildlife research and birdwatching. Also, the drone can be used in search and rescue operations.

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