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In Japan, they have developed a robot that helps control emotions when reading.

An unusual intermediary robot, called OMOY, was developed at the Japanese University of Tsukuba, as reported on the official website of the educational institution.

OMOY is equipped with a moving block that drives the mechanical components located inside the case. By shifting the internal center of gravity, the machine is ready to simulate emotions and help the user de-stress from a negative agenda. If necessary, the robot can even sympathize with a person. Thus, OMOY allows you to discard anger, thoughts of revenge and similar emotions and thoughts, forcing you to focus on the content of the message itself.

The effectiveness of the robot has already been tested on 94 volunteers who were sent messages like: �Sorry, I'm late. Our meeting flew out of my head. Can you wait another hour?" As it turned out, OMOY managed to reduce the negative emotions of the recipients. Moreover, the absence of external components such as arms or legs in the robot did not affect the success of the experiment.

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