Robotic arm can be strong and surgically accurate.

This is a breakthrough! Scientists have created an robotic arm that can be strong and surgically accurate.

Previously, robotic mechanisms could perform either delicate or power work. This hand can crush the jar and use the tweezers.

Engineers at Aju University in the South Korean city of Suwon have created a robotic arm new device is able to perform a wide range of tasks – to hold an egg or cut with scissors.

The authors of the system state that the hand can be used in electronics manufacturing to place small computer chips on a circuit board using tweezers. The robotic mechanisms of yesteryear performed either delicate or power work. This same development does both.
Moreover, such a mechanism can be integrated into existing systems on the market, which will certainly have a positive effect on the development of robotics in general.

Reconstructing a robotic arm that works like a human remains an unsolved problem in robotics, South Korean engineers said.

“The movement of a human hand requires a very high level of dexterity in order to perform various tasks – gripping forcefully, picking up small objects and handling tools,” explains engineer Wikum Kim.

The human body consists of 206 bones, and the actual arms of 54. The muscular structure that controls movement is extremely complex. A South Korean team of scientists analyzed previous robotic arms, their advantages and disadvantages.

The entire mechanism weighs about 1 kg and is compact, just over 20 cm long. It can be attached to existing robotic arms without any additional parts.

During the experiments, the authors of the development demonstrated how the robotic arm is able to lift objects of various shapes and squeeze hard enough to crush aluminum cans, or vice versa, carefully so as not to break the egg.

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