Scientists have created a robotic shrimp for ocean exploration.

robotic shrimp

Scientists from the United States and Mexico have created RoboKrill, a robotic shrimp with the shape and movements similar to Antarctic krill, a type of crustacean that lives in the cold waters around Antarctica. Now this mechanical shrimp will help people explore the ocean.

Due to its structure, the robotic shrimp can move smoothly and efficiently in the water. Scientists will be able to control its limbs from a distance.

The authors of the project say that they have previously explored the role played by krill in their habitat, trying to influence the behavior of organisms from the outside. For example, with the help of light signals. A new development robotic shrimp will help to do this “from the inside” of animal clusters.

Most of the devices scientists have today are either too slow or too fast. And the new robot will be able to take on those tasks for which its predecessors are not suitable.

The researchers hope that in the future they will be able to release whole flocks of robot shrimp into the ocean.

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