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In the offices of Google, robots are busy cleaning the premises.

Google representatives report that the process of creating smart self-learning cleaning robots as part of a special project Everyday Robots Project has reached the next level.

Today, autonomous machines can already perform simple tasks. For example, cleaning office premises. At the same time, cleaning robots are able not only to clean floors, but also to wipe dust from any surfaces - tols, cabinets. Office cleaning robots are poised to carve out their niche when hiring.

The robot takes out and sorts the garbage, not confusing it with the necessary things left by employees on the table. For example, he will not throw away the cups, but only put them in a certain place, maybe in the future he will learn how to wash them. After all, a smart machine has the ability to learn, which is inherent in the algorithm of artificial intelligence.

At the same time, such technologies are quite capable of changing the robot labor market in the near future. Hiring robots for cleaning, household chores and other household items is our reality today. Jobs for #Robots! #Work for Robots! Hire #Robot!

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