Robots will restore ancient frescoes.

Robots will restore ancient frescoes

During the eruption of Vesuvius, many works of art disintegrated into tens of thousands of small fragments. Robots will restore ancient frescoes. For the first time, artificial intelligence robots were used to sort and collect them.
Scientists decided to use the latest advances in robotics to reconstruct the frescoes allowed during the volcanic eruption.

Scientists plan to use robots equipped with artificial intelligence systems. With the help of mechanical hands, they are able to scan and recognize small fragments, and then arrange them in the desired sequence without damaging the fragile surface.

They decided to start the reconstruction from the so-called House of Chaste Lovers. This construction got its name from the scenes on the walls discovered during excavations. They depict lovers at a feast, holding themselves modestly enough for the morality of that time.

According to our sources, recovery will take at least four years, provided that all processes run smoothly. The complexity of the reconstruction is also due to the fact that in addition to the fire and ash that destroyed the buildings, additional damage was also caused during the Second World War, when the city was bombed.

Since 2018, a team of scientists from the University of Lausanne has been restoring these frescoes, fragments of which number thousands of small pieces. Thanks to the robotization of processes, this work will be accelerated tenfold.

The work of this project is supervised by Swedish specialists who, during the work, also plan to make a comparative analysis of the two methods in order to assess the effectiveness of the work.

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