The Russian robot working in the office of the Kuwait Oil Corporation.

Russian robot working in the office of the Kuwait Oil Corporation

Jobs to Robots! Work for Robots! Hire Robots!

According to the Russian company Promobot, the robot will meet and greet employees of the corporation and cheer them up. He can communicate in English and Arabic.

In addition, the robot can maintain dialogue, answer questions, and inform employees about the organization’s antiquated measures and innovations. The robot is equipped with special sensors that allow it to move between objects in the hall and “see” any obstacles.

Today, similar service robots operate in countries in the Middle East such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Oman. They can be found in the Dubai Mall, clinics, banks, schools and police stations.

Earlier it was reported that a robot teacher from Russia will teach at a school for gifted children in India.

In addition, the Russian service robot has begun work in the showroom of the Modern Alliance Store, a security equipment supplier in Tashkent.

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