Social robots. Sofia. Chapter 1.

social robot Sofia

The world needs new recipes to defeat the Covid-19 – social robots. One of these is offered by Hanson Robotics, which produces one of the most famous social robots, Sophia. The company’s management plans to start serial production of social robot Sofia model by the end of this year, setting itself the task of releasing and selling at least a thousand robots of this model. Together with social robot Sofia, three more models are also to enter the series, but which ones, the press service of the company has not yet announced, as well as their price.

“Today is the perfect time to start serial production of robots like Sofia,” says a company spokesman. The pandemic has shown the most vulnerable place for humans, our socialization. Sofia herself believes that its use will allow maintaining the required level of social distance, and will also make acclimatization more real, because according to the robot, social robots can take care of vulnerable categories of citizens.

Sofia appeared in 2016. She is one of the first robots in the social segment. The developers tried to give it the most anthropomorphic look, as well as endow it with a demeanor close to human. Robots like Sofia will be able to work in nursing homes, hospitals to stop the spread of infections without being exposed to them.

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