Worm robots are the latest development.

Have you ever wondered how difficult it can be to get to any hard-to-reach places? Solution - worm robots are the latest development.

The guys from Scotland have an understanding of the solution to this issue. Developers from Glasgow have created robots whose movement mechanics use the same mechanism as tapeworms - worm robots. According to them, use worm robots are the latest development can be used in rescue operations, as well as in a wide range of industrial applications.

Thanks to worm robots unusual shape, as well as their ability to move using the skills of proprioception - the sensation of the relative position of the body and movements in living microorganisms, robots will be able to better navigate in space, as well as get to where other specialized equipment could not previously penetrate.

Professor Ravinder Dahiya notes that the skills of these robots can help in the development of high-level prostheses, as well as in the development of robotic carriers, or robotic loaders.

The robots are equipped with built-in strain sensors, and are also covered with "skin" made of a special elastic material and graphite paste. All of this is also part of the development of the University of Glasgow. ... Miniature magnets located at both ends of the robot, according to the idea of the developers, will allow it to move freely on metal surfaces.

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