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World's First NFT Patent: Cryptocurrency Ecosystem for Robots | JOB TO ROBOTS

The groundbreaking patent, registered on the OpenSea Platform on June 20, 2021, introduces a revolutionary concept in the realm of robotics and cryptocurrency. Dubbed the "CRYPTOCURRENCY ECOSYSTEM FOR ROBOTS," this patent marks the inception of a new era.

At its core, the patent outlines a visionary approach to integrating robots into a decentralized network, where they engage in cryptocurrency mining alongside their primary functions as designated by the manufacturer. This innovative system ensures that robot owners benefit directly from their machines' productivity, receiving digital currency into their accounts or wallets.

The result? The world's "First" cryptocurrency, backed by the "Working Hours of Robot(s)." This pioneering digital asset represents a paradigm shift in both the robotics and cryptocurrency industries.

Initially, the cryptocurrency will be utilized within the company's ecosystem, offering a plethora of options and services. However, plans are underway to list the cryptocurrency on exchanges, making it accessible for broader purchase and sale.

Crucially, this form of cryptocurrency stands apart as environmentally sustainable. Unlike traditional mining processes that contribute to energy consumption and environmental strain, the cryptocurrency generated by robots operates as a byproduct of their primary functions. This "green" approach underscores JOB TO ROBOTS' commitment to innovation and sustainability.

In a press release, "JOB TO ROBOTS" proudly announced the registration of the world's first patent in the form of an NFT. This achievement solidifies their position as pioneers in the intersection of robotics and blockchain technology.

For further inquiries and information, please contact press@jobtorob.com. Join the revolution today with JOB TO ROBOTS.


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