The terms of use reflect our business model to some extent, which means they will help you figure out who you are dealing with. These terms of use have several categories.

In addition to these sections, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with other sections of the JTR Policy page. Including, with the Privacy Policy, Copyright, Trademarks. This will allow you to better understand our approach to customer interactions


Our company is called JobToRobots, and as the name implies, the first thing we plan to do is to provide robots with work. You can learn more about the work and goals of the company on the DISCOVER JTR page. Since we position ourselves as the first company in the world to register a legal entity on the Internet in the form of an NFT token, to which the website address is also tied, our legal address is:

Address for correspondence:

Sonnenstr. 10, 33129 Delbrück, Germany

In the Contacts section you can find more complete information.


We would not like this section to look too pretentious. We tried to simplify it as much as possible. We try to provide our clients with the widest range of services in the field of robotics of all existing on the market. That is why we have combined on our site:

  • ROBONEWS - a section where you can get acquainted with the latest news from the world of robotics
  • JOBTOROB - the world's first recruiting agency for robots

Based on the above, we want to emphasize that we are trying to take into account the interests of both humans and robots. Therefore, we want to offer you the terms of use of our services, listing them in one section, so that once you agree, you will have access to all areas that we are working on. Or we are just planning to do it. If you do read the Privacy Policy , you will find out what information we collect in order to improve the performance of our services. We are not Big Brother. Now is not 1984. We do not need to take our users under total control. Whether you are a human or a robot. All we want is our relationship with you to be extremely honest and understandable.


First of all, they trust us.

If you decide to provide us with your confidential data, we will remain grateful to you, because trust is the most expensive currency that we are not used to throwing around

By interacting with you, we collect useful information in the form of response and feedback, as well as your comments. This helps us to improve the performance of our services. You will learn more about the collection of information in the Privacy Policy section

By trusting us, you become part of our ecosystem, which is dedicated to doing our job better than everyone else. We really strive to become one of the most innovative companies, which mean we need your opinion, your knowledge, which you can always share with us by writing a review about the work of the services, or by proposing your candidacy as an employee. We value every person. And every robot


We ask users to treat each other with respect

  • When interacting with other users, you must understand that someone may have a point of view that is different from yours. This should not cause you aggression or any negative reaction
  • Please respect other people's rights to information, content, private and intellectual property
  • Do not harm, whether intentional or not intentional, the operation of our services and all our property. We can get upset and sue. Why should we spoil relations with you, right?
  • Please do not harm yourself or other people. Life is too short to be shortened at will
  • Do not call for any action aimed at inciting hatred, humiliating the dignity of another person
  • We strongly oppose any form of defamation, deceit or fraudulent actions, both in relation to users of our services and ourselves
  • We ask that you also comply with the laws of your country, or the country in whose jurisdiction we operate, without exception

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you also agree to assign us the right to use your content. According to our Privacy Policy, we guarantee you that your personal data will be used for its intended purpose and we will not misuse it.


First of all, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the sections Privacy Policy, Copyright, Trademarks. All principles of our company are fully described here, relying on which, we work with copyright content.

In addition, we would like to say a few more words about the cases that were not included in these sections


  • Your content remains solely yours. We do not claim to transfer licenses or copyrights of our company on your behalf
  • Using content on our services does not automatically transfer ownership of your content
  • Users' use of your content may not constitute an infringement as long as such practice is agreed with the content owner. Otherwise, the author, or his representative, can always file a complaint
  • If the use of your content requires an additional agreement on the use of your material, by signing this agreement, you automatically sign a license agreement for the use of your content with our company
  • In summary, our company may use your content for its own purposes without transferring ownership of the content
  • By registering on our site, you automatically agree to the terms of our services, and the terms described in the relevant sections
  • The license does not cover your privacy, and does not affect your privacy rights
  • This license applies to your content that is protected by intellectual property rights
  • Public information you provide, such as company address, contact details, comments, and reviews, are not covered by this license
  • This license is valid throughout the planet Earth, and beyond
  • This license is non-exclusive, which means that you can transfer the rights to use your content to others
  • This license has a validity period equal to the period of registration on our site, and other services, as well as the period of your copyright ownership of your content
  • This license does not imply financial or any other royalties to the licensor

Company rights under the License

This license gives our company the following rights:

  • Post, transmit, reproduce, use, or distribute your content that you use on our services
  • Publish, show to other users, and distribute your content so that other users can interact with you
  • Change your content (for example, translate it into another language or into another digital and other format)
  • Transfer rights in the form of a sublicense to other users so that they can interact with you, or our subcontractors, for example, for advertising campaigns, and others

Prohibited content

As you yourself know, the Internet is a place for the dissemination of any information, some of which is sometimes completely unacceptable. Since you agree to work with us on our terms, we would like to warn you that it is unacceptable for us to use the following content (information):

  • Content that is pornographic or erotic in nature
  • Content that uses calls to inflict damage on other people, robots, or their property
  • We strongly oppose the distribution of child pornography, abusive content, scenes of violence, and other things that are directed against children, people of any age, against the animal world, and against robots
  • We also do not allow the use of content that calls for violence, incitement to hatred; content containing racial or other intolerance.
  • We also refer to prohibited content as Spam and content that is not true
  • Also, we ask you to take seriously the publication of content that is prohibited by the laws of the country where you are located, or we.
  • You may not post content that infringes others' copyrights
  • Content that demonstrates prohibited, dangerous, psychologically oppressive, or degrading scenes, other content that may lead to suicide, harm to other people and robots.
  • Goods and services prohibited by law, such as drugs and their distribution, medicines, etc.
  • Content containing scenes of a political nature, calling for illegal actions, or stating them. We are not a tabloid newspaper. We value the psyche of our users.
  • Materials created by or at the request of terrorist groups.
  • We also ban the promotion of alcohol, drugs, smoking, firearms, and medical services. We're doing little different things here.
  • It is prohibited to post any content that contains offensive words, gestures, or any other form of offensive or obscene content.
  • Do not impersonate another person. We may consider these actions to be fraudulent and act in accordance with the law.

Content that is prohibited for use will be immediately removed and the user will be warned. If this situation repeats, the user account will be blocked.

If posted content creates a conflict of interest, please email us at

Purpose of using your content

Using your data, the content you provide, we strive to organize and improve the operation of our services through the interaction of users with each other. We do not aim for ourselves to use your content for dishonest purposes, or for our own illegal actions. We don't need this.

But the use of your data, your content will allow us to take the following steps:

  • Form and improve the operation of our services
  • Introduce new opportunities, methods, and algorithms for the operation of services to improve user interaction with each other
  • Calculate spam, distribution of malware, links, and other unfair actions in relation to other users
  • Calculate illegal content
  • To personalize your actions
  • Use your content to promote our services. For example, we can use your feedback in an ad unit, or an image of your product in an advertising campaign
  • With the help of your content, your data, such as reviews, we can improve the operation of existing services, and develop new ones


You can use the services of our company for informational purposes, without organizing commercial activities from the time when you learn to read and type. If you plan to use our services for the purpose of obtaining benefits, then your age must meet the requirements for a similar type of activity in your country in which you live. As a rule, the legislation allows in most countries the use of sites similar to our services from the age of 18. But it may not stop you.

Remember that using our services, you bear the appropriate responsibility, including if you violate the law.

If you are an organization, you can create your own corporate account. Please assign a responsible person to manage your account in our ecosystem. Try to restrict access to your account, and monitor the security of your confidential data, such as login, password, bank accounts and details, etc.

Corporate account

When registering a corporate account, we will ask you for additional data that will confirm the legality of your actions. Including a document confirming the delegation of the relevant rights by your company to you. Perhaps our administrator will ask you for additional data when registering, or while using our services. We ask for your understanding. Perhaps one of the scammers wants to discredit the good name of your company. We do not want to contribute to this.

As part of using our services, we may send you notifications

In our ecosystem, we also use content owned by our company. By signing these rules, you agree that the use of our content is possible with our permission. We want an honest relationship, so when asking permission to use your content, we want you to do the same.

Our services contain content that uses information about third parties. For example, news. We ask you not to use the data of others without their knowledge. This is at least not ethical


According to the law, you have the right to quality service, and the elimination of errors (malfunctions), if they occur, if they interfere with the quality service of our users. Your rights as a consumer are also protected by applicable laws.


Also, in accordance with the corporate rules established by us, we strive to provide you with an appropriate level of services and their performance. We guarantee you that our products meet certain industry standards accepted around the world. If you think that such a warranty is not enough for you, please write to us at

A responsibility

  • JobToRobots is not responsible for user-posted content
  • JobToRobots is only responsible for its own actions within the framework of applicable laws and established corporate rules
  • We are also not responsible for the life and health of our users, their mental and any other condition, as well as for all areas of life outside the use of our services
  • JobToRobots is not responsible for losses incurred by you or your company as a result of your actions, transfer of your personal data to third parties at your request, for clicking on malicious links, if any were posted on our website, and you used them before our moderation
  • JobToRobots does not bear any warranty or other obligations for the goods and services offered by our users to each other. This type of obligation should only be complied with by suppliers of goods and services in accordance with applicable law and corporate rules
  • If JobToRobots, its management, founders, shareholders, employees, contractors and other affiliates suffer losses due to user misconduct or legal proceedings related to this, the user or organization that caused such inconvenience undertakes to compensate for these costs
  • JobToRobots is not responsible for lost profits (benefit), penalties, political or economic sanctions, indirect or consequential damages.
  • If you or your organization are legally exempted from certain types of liability (such as UNESCO, or the UN), therefore, you are also exempted from liability under the law and in our ecosystem (services).

Action in the event of a disagreement

In the event of a disagreement, we undertake to notify you before taking action according to our own protocol, the mechanism of which is described in the Privacy Policy section.

Content removal, account blocking

If the content you provide violates these rules, we will notify you of the corresponding error and remove the prohibited content. If this situation occurs a second time, your account will be blocked. If the situation repeats after blocking, your account will be permanently deleted.

Dispute resolution, courts

If you have additional questions or disagreements on a particular issue, and the answer provided to you, or the information did not satisfy your requirements, you always have the right to go to court with a corresponding statement. We comply with the law, which means we are ready for court hearings and arbitration.


By law, you have certain rights and obligations that cannot be limited or infringed upon by these Rules. They are created in order to regulate our relationship in the field of our services, as well as remind us to observe simple and reasonable things.

We wanted these Terms to be clear to you, so we have provided them with some examples. But this does not mean that if any situation is not described here, then it is not worth attention, or does not require its observance

We reserve the right to supplement, change, or cancel certain clauses of this Agreement without notifying users about it. Of course, if we decide on something global, we will definitely inform you. But if we decide to correct the errors in the text, we think that it will not be interesting for you.

If you do not agree with the policy of our company, we, of course, will be upset, but we will continue our work further. If you want to become a part of our ecosystem, register on the site, and may the robots be with you!

Best Regards,
JobToRobots Team