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Please read our privacy policy carefully. We want you to familiarize yourself with what data we collect and for what purposes we use it. You can also learn how to change, export, or delete your personal data.

You can use this content to browse our privacy policy and find what you need. Click on the link for the required section and you will be taken directly to it:


We strive to ensure that we are able to offer our users the most convenient and useful services among the existing ones. Here are just a few examples of the services we have developed that are already operational or will be launched soon:

  • RoboNEWS - a section where you can find out the latest news from the world of robotics, IT, AI, electronics, and even read scientific articles.
  • CryptoCurrency - in this section you can learn more about our developments in the field of your own cryptocurrency
  • JobToRobots - the world's first recruiting site designed for job search robots. For robots, not for humans!
  • RoboMARKET - Meet the world's first fully dedicated robotics marketplace! Buyers and sellers of physical, software, and other robots, code, spare parts can find the best deals for themselves on the market of goods and services every day. We strive to bring everyone together to make the world a better place.
  • RoboCLASS - our distance learning courses through which you can master new, in-demand professions in robotics. It's time to learn something new!

In the services offered, you can both post your personal data and manage it in various ways in order to ensure your personal safety. At the same time, you can use many services without creating an account on our website: read news, view products, and vacancies, familiarize yourself with our developments and training course programs without authorization. By using our services, you, and only you, decide what information to provide to us. At any time, you can change this in your personal account, or you can completely delete your account and any information contained in it.


Types of information

JobToRobots collects information to make our services more user-friendly and easier to use. The data types depend on what you specified in your account settings. If you have not logged into our site with your account or pages in a supported social network, we will receive only the standard set of information provided by the browser, operator, or search engine you use. If you logged in to the site directly, or using any plug-in, we collect the available personal information. Personal information is the personal data you provide that our company has the right to use. These include name, surname, your age, your contact information that you have left to contact you, e-mail, and your specified accounts.

Content that you provide to us

By creating an account on our site, you provide us with your personal data, including your first and last name, email address. You can also provide your phone number, or billing information, if you deem it necessary. In addition, you can specify only one e-mail address to subscribe to the newsletter, without going through authorization on the site. We also collect content that you upload to our site. Including graphic, textual information, videos, original names of equipment models, tables, letters, links, and your comments. That is, we collect all the information that helps you run your business and use all the features of our site.

Applications, devices, programs

We register which browsers you use to visit our site, as well as track which type of device you use to visit the site. This allows us to adapt the version of the site to your technical resources. We also record information about the interaction of your software with our services, including the IP address, system information, time of visit to the site, the URL from which the referral was made, as well as crash reports and information about the mobile network and the operator, if any used mobile internet.

Your actions

In order to offer you the most convenient ways to interact with your customers, we also collect information about the actions you take, such as:
  • Your searches
  • Interaction with this or that type of content
  • Your purchases, and the products you offer
  • Other financial transactions performed by you
  • Users with whom you exchange content and make interactions
  • Geolocation

Publicly available sources of information

In some cases, for example, for writing articles, we may collect information about you from publicly available sources of information, the media. We may also receive information from your proxies, or authorized representatives. We can also use information from our marketing partners, business resources, security partners, advertisers and other public sources, such as insurance companies, banks, and others, can share information with us. We collect all this information in order to objectively assess a particular situation, and to try to provide you with the safest ways to interact with our services


To improve the interaction, we also collect and store information obtained as a result of certain actions. For example, we can use browser data.

Local data storage, in which data is saved even after the end of a device session, allows you to store information about the user on his device.

Cache applications allow you to store data on the user's device, providing the ability to access certain information, even if the device is offline. In addition, the data cache provides faster loading of applications.

We also collect information about visits to our site by automatically recording this information. The entries in the server log may contain, among other things, your request, information about the browser, and the operating system, the time and date of the visit, or the time and date of the request, including the type of request, IP address, and cookie ID.


These are small pieces of data sent by the web server and stored on the user's devices. The web client sends this piece of data to the server every time the user tries to open this or that page of the site. Cookies are used by us to authenticate the user, store personal settings and preferences, statistics, information about the user's session. We use files of this type to optimize our work, improve the service. This is how we learn about your preferences, settings, and prevent fraud with your personal information. The use of cookies in conjunction with a digital signature allows us to prevent many potential attacks to manipulate your personal information. Through separate segments of these file types; we strive to prevent spam, collect analytical information in order to offer you the best products of our services. In addition, we use them when displaying advertisements in order to offer you exactly the types of goods and services that you are interested in, as well as to make ads less intrusive. All of this personalization data that we collect through cookies allows us to tailor our services to your needs as much as possible. The lifespan of cookies is determined by the applicable laws of the country in which we operate. The number of cookies stored on your device for each domain is determined by your browser and its settings. You can change your cookie settings in the appropriate section.


Thanks to the information received, we can improve the algorithms of our services, offering you more innovative products and solutions, as well as optimizing certain processes. We also care about your safety and strive to make our work as transparent as possible. That is why we want to tell you in a little more detail why we collect your personal data.

Ensuring the operation of services

Using the data obtained in the course of work, we can process your search requests; send you the requested data, knowing your IP address. Cookies allow us to verify that you are the owner of your account. The provided personal information allows you to make the necessary trade transactions, payment transactions, discounts, and other transactions related to financial activities. Knowing your name makes it easier for us to interact with you. Knowing your geolocation, we can provide a more convenient choice of a partner for business, or provide information that will be more convenient for you. Stability and optimization work with your data. We can more quickly learn about errors in the operation of our services when we receive information about them from you. Studying the problems that have arisen and your wishes, we try to optimize our own work.


Thanks to your participation, and the information collected, which we further analyze, we understand which products are relevant to you, which innovations we can implement at the next stage of our company's development. All this helps our team of specialists to follow the trends in the development of the field of robotics and electronics. Your ideas that you are ready to share can form the basis of a new project, and you yourself can become a part of our team!


Thanks to the information we collect, we can prepare the best solutions for you, saving you time and money. We do not share your data with third-party advertisers or other developers. We also try to offer you targeted services and products that will meet exactly your needs and wishes. An exception can be considered cases when your information may be requested by the security service, any law enforcement agency of a particular country, if we believe that the reasons given by them will be significant for the disclosure of your personal information. Also, an exception may be considered cases when it is necessary to transfer your personal information, such as a mobile phone number in order for courier service employees or your relatives to contact you, under appropriate conditions, of course.

Security and communication

We strive to ensure the security of your work with our services, so it is extremely important for us to collect certain data for this. By having your data, comparing them, we can promptly respond to attempts to hack your account, as well as block other threats, so as not to allow intruders to harm your account on our services. Thanks to cookies and information about your IP address, we can prevent illegal actions against your account. We may also use the data you provide for feedback to send you notifications about our new products, services, and prevented threats of hacking, in order to inform you about the offers you have received. If we need new data that is not provided for in this privacy policy, we will not use it without your consent.

Personal settings

In your profile, you can always indicate what information you do not want to provide to us, or restrict access to your account to other users of our site. In the corresponding section, you can always set the appropriate privacy settings. Also, based on your data, we can offer you certain users, companies, goods and services in order to ensure the maximum efficiency of your business and its growth. Among other things, you can link, or delete, your social media profile data. This will help facilitate authorization on the site and feedback from you. Also, based on current legislation, you can always require us to delete your personal data by notifying us about this at


We are not responsible if you transferred your personal data to third parties, with the help of which they were able to go through all the stages of authorization on our website, and caused one or harm to your account. From our side, data on payment information, your cards, preferences, and other personal and analytical data, as mentioned earlier, cannot be transferred to third parties, unless otherwise specified. First of all, at the request of the law. We can provide your personal data to legal entities, individuals, government entities (organizations) if we are confident in the fair use of your data. This will be possible if the authorized representatives who have contacted us with a request either investigate the facts of fraud, violations of the law, or execute the court's decision, they ensure the requirements of compliance with the law, and they protect the rights or property of our company. In these cases, we will have to consider the possibility of providing your personal data to third parties. We may also provide your data to third parties in order to improve the operation of the services, and for your personal safety, to improve the working conditions, or for your benefit. We may also use your personal data for the purpose of transferring it to third parties on behalf of our company. This may be related to security, improving the operation of services, investigating violations, or in order to optimize the operation of services, as well as in cases where it is impossible to complete the execution of transactions, or other things (for example, logistics services, conclusion of contracts, insurance, etc.). Since our company has an "international" status, we operate in the jurisdictions of various states. Therefore, the level of protection and, accordingly, the requirements for the provision of information may differ in each country according to the current legislation. But we would like to note that regardless of the legal requirements of a particular country, we strive to make our privacy policy the same around the world. If we are talking about the transfer of your data to third parties as a result of our receiving a request or complaint, we guarantee that the following interaction mechanism will be applied:

  • We will review the received document in detail
  • We will contact the sender in order to more fully clarify the essence of the problem, and possibly - request proof of certain actions
  • After receiving information, we will conduct our own investigation in order to confirm or deny the information received
  • And only after the previous steps, we will notify you that as a result of studying the issue, we are forced to transfer the requested information to third parties
  • Or we will notify you of our refusal as a result of the described actions

We can also transfer your data to third parties if you have given us your consent to do so. In any case, you can always ask us to delete your personal data by notifying us about this at In the event of a change in ownership, merger or acquisition, or any other type of transaction to reorganize the company, we guarantee that we will continue to comply with our privacy policy as described here.


For a certain period of time, in accordance with applicable law, we store the information you provide. The length of time that files and data are stored also depends on the settings you choose. You can freely delete or upload your content to our site, as well as edit it at any time convenient for you. The data, on the basis of which we build our advertising policy, is deleted after a certain period of time, or is depersonalized, losing its relevance. We keep some data, such as your contacts, full name, billing information, until your account is deleted. If you delete your data, or your entire account, this means that they are automatically deleted from our servers. In any case, you can always ask us to delete your personal data by notifying us about this at


These terms of work apply to all existing services provided by our company, and will also apply to all new developments, projects, innovations, services and services that will be developed for general use. If any service provides for the terms of the privacy policy other than these, we will make the appropriate changes to this section, notifying you of this. In cases where our privacy policy will change depending on certain factors, we will also make certain changes to the relevant sections, notifying you of this.

Thank you for reading this to the end. Now let's get to work!