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Teledyne e2v Introduces Hydra3D+: Versatile ToF CMOS Sensor

Teledyne e2v, a division of Teledyne Technologies, unveils its latest breakthrough in 3D imaging technology with the introduction of Hydra3D+. This cutting-edge Time-of-Flight (ToF) CMOS image sensor boasts a resolution of 832 x 600 pixels, meticulously crafted to cater to a myriad of applications requiring precise 3D detection and measurement.

Crafted utilizing Teledyne e2v’s proprietary CMOS technology, Hydra3D+ showcases a revolutionary 10 µm three-tap pixel design, ensuring swift transfer times as fast as 10 nanoseconds. Moreover, its exceptional sensitivity in the NIR (Near Infrared) wavelength, coupled with superior demodulation contrast, enables real-time operation devoid of motion artifacts, even amidst swiftly moving objects, a crucial feature for dynamic environments like pick and place operations, logistics, factory automation, and workplace safety protocols.

Hydra3D+ distinguishes itself with an innovative on-chip multi-system management feature, enabling seamless coexistence with multiple active systems without the risk of interference, thereby mitigating false measurements.

The sensor's remarkable sensitivity empowers efficient management of lighting power and facilitates accurate detection across a wide spectrum of reflectivity levels. Equipped with high resolution and dynamic on-chip HDR capabilities, configurable on-the-fly, Hydra3D+ strikes an optimal balance between critical application parameters, including distance range, object reflectivity, frame rate, and more. This versatility renders it suitable for applications spanning mid to long-range distances and outdoor scenarios like automated guided vehicles, surveillance systems, intelligent transportation systems (ITS), and building construction projects.

Designed with a customer-centric approach, Hydra3D+ caters to the needs of discerning users seeking unparalleled real-time and adaptable 3D detection capabilities without compromising on performance. Its ability to capture large field-of-view scenes in both 2D and 3D formats using a compact sensor underscores its efficacy.

Ha Lan Do Thu, marketing manager for 3D imaging at Teledyne e2v, emphasized the transformative potential of Hydra3D+, stating, "With Hydra3D+, our customers can effortlessly achieve reliable 3D measurements in diverse operating conditions, ensuring uncompromised image quality and performance across varying distances and environments."

Documentation, samples, and development tools for Hydra3D+ are readily available upon request, complemented by proprietary modeling tools to assist customers in assessing the sensor's operation and integration into their applications seamlessly.

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