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S&S Activewear expands partnership with Körber for robotics in apparel distribution

S&S Activewear, a leading apparel distributor based in the United States, has announced the expansion of its partnership with Körber Supply Chain. This move will see S&S Activewear deploy Körber's advanced supply chain technology solutions, including robotics from Geek+ Technology Co., across its operations.

The partnership between S&S Activewear and Körber began with the implementation of Körber's robotics solutions at one of S&S Activewear's warehouse sites. Now, S&S Activewear has taken a significant step forward by expanding the use of Körber's technology across its operations.

S&S Activewear has deployed Geekplus' robots at three of its warehouse locations across the Americas. The company has also announced the expansion of its partnership with Körber Supply Chain, which will likely involve the implementation of Körber's Geek+ robotics and automation expertise.

Brian Beale, chief technology officer of S&S Activewear, expressed the apparel distributor's commitment to innovation, stating, "Advancing our warehouse operations with Körber and Geek+'s robotics and automation expertise has been a natural and impactful evolution in our technology journey."

This development comes as S&S Activewear continues to explore the use of cutting-edge technologies to enhance its operations. As a leading distributor of apparel and accessories in the United States and Canada, S&S Activewear has recognized the importance of embracing innovative solutions to drive efficiency and automation within its supply chain.

One of the key components of Körber's offering is the Geek+ PopPick system, which utilizes autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and advanced robotics technologies to streamline warehouse operations. This system, which has earned recognition as an RBR50 Robotics Innovation Award, is designed to efficiently move inventory stored in totes to pick stations, enabling a more seamless and automated process for order fulfillment.

Sean Elliott, CTO and acting CEO for software at Körber, expressed the company's excitement about the partnership, stating, "Our robotics offerings are designed to scale with the speed and size of business, optimizing warehouse operations so organizations can focus on value-driven activities to support the larger overall goals."

The expansion of the partnership between S&S Activewear and Körber aligns with the apparel distributor's commitment to embracing innovative technologies and solutions. As the company continues to explore the use of Körber's advanced technologies, including the Geek+ PopPick system, it is poised to enhance its operational efficiency and customer experience.

With the ever-growing demand for e-commerce and the need for seamless logistics solutions, partnerships like the one between S&S Activewear and Körber will become increasingly crucial. By leveraging cutting-edge robotics and automation technologies, companies can streamline their operations, improve efficiency, and ultimately deliver better experiences to their customers.

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