The Egypt border guards suspected Ai-Da robot of espionage.

British humanoid robot artist Ai-Da, capable of creating paintings and sculptures, was detained at Egyptian customs. Ai-Da robot was taken to the opening day at the pyramids of Giza, but vigilant border guards mistook her for an espionage device and kept her in isolation for 10 days, along with the sculpture she created. Diplomats had to intervene in the matter.

As a result of active diplomatic efforts, Ai-Da robot, named after the English woman mathematician Ada Lovelace, nevertheless cleared customs after 10 days.

Ai-Da is the world's first robot that claims to create and is modern art. Its creator is British gallerist Aiden Moeller. Such a robot, according to its creators, may well be hired as a personal artist, or it can be employed in any creative team working with art or design.

The robot Sophia, who joked about the destruction of humanity, will help people in a pandemic, since it turned out that by hiring a robot, you can avoid a whole series of problems, such as disinfection and the spread of diseases.
The robot Ai-Da and the sculpture she created were taken to Giza to participate in the Forever is Now exhibition organized by Art D'Egypt. With a goal similar to the robot Sophia - to show that a robot can not only be bought or sold, but if you give it freedom of action as a hired employee, it will bring much more benefit to humanity. It will be the first ever exhibition of contemporary art against the backdrop of the pyramids in Giza. Together with Ai-Da, they confiscated a clay sculpture she created based on a robot's interpretation of the Sphinx riddle.

It is not entirely clear what questions the customs officers have about the robot. It is only clear that they saw a "security threat" in the robot. There is a version that they considered Ai-Da to be part of some kind of espionage scheme, but the border service did not make any official statements.

According to Meller, at first the border guards did not like that the robot was equipped with a modem. Then their attention was attracted by cameras mounted in her eyes.

"I could remove the modem, but there was no way to rip out her eyes," he says, emphasizing the idea that Ai-Da is not just a thing, but a part of the company that has its own rights and responsibilities, despite the fact that the gallery employee is a robot.

The robot artist could not appreciate the irony, since she was disconnected from the network throughout the entire scandal. She was released late Wednesday night, and her sculpture was returned. The opening of the exhibition with her participation should take place on Thursday. We sincerely believe that humanity will overcome the fear of machines, and soon enough we will witness how robots themselves will look for work, they will be employed, and any entrepreneur or company will be able to afford to hire a robot employee.
"Work for robots!" - that's what we are talking about today.

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