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Revolutionize Sports Strategy with AI Video Analysis - Join the Future!

Elevate your sports strategy with groundbreaking AI technology developed by engineers at Brigham Young University (BYU)! This innovative solution is set to revolutionize the way teams analyze video materials, significantly reducing time and costs while enhancing game strategies through the power of big data.

Led by Professor D. J. Lee, Master's student Jacob Newman, and doctoral students Andrew Samson and Shad Torrey, the team utilizes artificial intelligence to automate the time-consuming process of analyzing and annotating game footage. By harnessing the capabilities of deep learning and computer vision, they've created an algorithm that can consistently identify players and determine their placements on the field.

With over 90% accuracy in detecting and marking players and 85% accuracy in determining placements, this technology has the potential to eliminate the need for manual video analysis currently used by university and NFL teams. As the research progresses, the possibilities for this AI system to transform various sports are endless.

The algorithm, trained using real game footage and the computer game Madden NFL 20, employs a deep learning algorithm to determine player locations, which are then processed by a system of residual neural networks to identify player positions. Finally, the neural network uses this information to accurately determine the offensive formation with 99.5% precision when given correct player location and marking data.

The potential applications of this AI system extend beyond football, as it can be adapted to analyze other sports such as baseball, helping teams improve defensive techniques by identifying common patterns and player positions.

Discover the power of automation and big data in transforming sports strategies by exploring the "Automated analysis of American football formations before the game using deep learning" article published in the journal Advances in Artificial Intelligence and Visual Applications in Electronics.

Join the future of sports analysis and unlock the full potential of AI technology in revolutionizing game strategies. Embrace the era of automation and take your team to new heights with the help of robot workers and AI-powered systems!

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