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AMD announces Embedded+ architecture to accelerate edge AI

Chipmaker AMD has unveiled a new streamlined computing architecture dubbed Embedded+ designed to accelerate sensor data analysis and real-time response capabilities in robots, medical devices, and industrial systems.

The platform combines AMD's Ryzen Embedded processors and Versal adaptive system-on-chip hardware into a single, scalable board. Key features include AI acceleration, programmable I/O, and graphics rendering that aim to future-proof embedded applications across manufacturing, healthcare, smart infrastructure, and autonomous vehicles.

According to AMD's Chetan Khona, the need for instant sensor data processing continues rising across domains from surgical robotics to manufacturing quality control. "In industrial and medical applications, many decisions need to happen in milliseconds," he said. The integrated Ryzen and Versal components enable sensor fusion and controls not previously possible on commodity boards.

The company and launch partner Sapphire Technology have validated and certified Embedded+ to reduce ODMs' qualification overhead, development costs, and time-to-market. Sapphire's ready-made Edge+ VPR product based on the architecture is now available, combining high performance and 60W max power efficiency.

AMD believes Embedded+ establishes a seamless platform for embedded innovation as robotics and AI functionality increasingly move to the edge. The company effectively hopes to stake a claim in low-latency, real-time sensor intelligence - setting the stage for partners to build leading solutions without reinventing foundational hardware.

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