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ATI Industrial Automation introduces compliant angle grinder

ATI Industrial Automation has introduced the CGV-900 Compliant Angle Grinder to provide an automated alternative to grinding and finishing by hand. The end-of-arm tool brings versatility to robotic grinding processes while reducing employee safety concerns.

The CGV-900 offers built-in compliance, allowing the unit to compensate for irregularities in part surfaces and maintain contact with a workpiece. The compliance force is adjustable, enabling users to fine-tune their finishing processes in real time.

The CGV-900 also provides position sensing data to help indicate media wear. This lets users establish media replacement intervals, eliminating unexpected rework and downtime. Additionally, the data can be used for process verification.

The Compliant Angle Grinder contains a governed, vane-style motor which provides a more consistent speed during grinding and finishing processes. This ensures an even finish throughout the contact path of the tool.
It is compatible with industry-standard grinding media such as flap wheels, sanding discs and wire brushes that are commonly used with handheld grinding tools.

Combining familiar grinding media with adjustable compliance force makes the Compliant Angle Grinder a safe and efficient replacement for the dull, dirty, dangerous work of grinding by hand. It can mount to a robot arm via bolt up or bolt down pattern or 30 degree mounting patterns.

ATI said the target industry segments for the new Compliant Angle Grinder include metal fabrication, automotive, aerospace and general industry.

In July 2021, ATI Industrial Automation was acquired by Novanta, a leading motion control company, for $172 million in cash. Founded in 1989, ATI is a leading developer of end-of-arm tooling, including robotic changing systems, force/torque sensors, and collision sensors for industrial, collaborative, and medical robotic applications.

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