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Autonomous inspection robot

Arizona-based Revolute Robotics has unveiled an innovative new robot for autonomous inspection in confined spaces. Dubbed the Hybrid Mobility Robot (HMR), this spherical robot combines aerial and terrestrial locomotion for unprecedented mobility. As detailed on StartEngine, the HMR features a cage-like exoskeleton that envelops four rotors, allowing it to take flight like a drone. But when needed, gyroscopic rings allow the robot to roll smoothly along surfaces.

This hybrid mobility represents a breakthrough for accessing challenging environments. The HMR's lightweight frame acts as a shock absorber for impacts, while also protecting internal components from vibration. By preferring to roll and minimizing flight to overcome obstacles or climb, battery life is conserved.

Initial testing shows prototypes can swim through sand, roll over rocks, and ascend steep pipes where wheeled robots struggle. This makes the HMR ideal for tasks like pipeline inspection with its configurable, easy-to-swap payload. Onboard cameras and sensors can help assess infrastructure or explore collapsed mines.

Looking ahead, Revolute envisions HMRs providing security as mobile drones or working collaboratively in swarms. Their spherical protective shell and autonomous capabilities make them safe options even around people. Beyond industrial inspection, potential applications include mining, agriculture, search and rescue, and military domains.

Through StartEngine crowdfunding, Revolute has raised over $115,000 to scale HMR for production as the company pioneers this new robotics space. The HMR's unprecedented mobility combines ground and aerial locomotion to access unprecedented environments. Revolute's innovative robot rolls, flies and climbs to overcome obstacles across multiple industries.

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