Waymo Via Expands UPS Partnership with Autonomous Trucks

As the demand for freight transportation continues to surge, Waymo Via is taking bold strides forward in revolutionizing the industry. Building upon their successful collaboration in local delivery testing, Waymo Via is now expanding its partnership with UPS to incorporate Class 8 autonomous trucks into their operations.

In the coming weeks, Waymo Via and UPS will embark on a series of test runs featuring Waymo Via Class 8 trucks equipped with the latest fifth-generation Waymo Driver technology. These trials will unfold in Texas, where the Waymo Driver will autonomously transport cargo for UPS's North American Air Freight division, connecting key hubs between Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston.

The collaboration between Waymo Via and UPS exemplifies the innovative spirit driving the evolution of autonomous delivery solutions. By integrating cutting-edge technology with robust logistics capabilities, this partnership aims to offer customers unparalleled advantages in security, network flexibility, and scalability. As Waymo Via continues to push the boundaries of autonomous transportation, the future of freight delivery promises to be safer, more efficient, and more adaptable than ever before.

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