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2024 RBR50 award winner - Glide - next-gen glide robot

In a major step toward commercialization, Glidance, a trailblazing robotics startup, has unveiled the latest generation of its Glide robot, an innovative device designed to provide autonomous mobility assistance for individuals who are blind or visually impaired. Simultaneously, the company has launched a deposit program, allowing interested customers to reserve their Glide robot with a significant discount.



Glidance's journey has been a testament to perseverance and innovation, driven by the vision of founder Amos Miller, who lost his eyesight in his mid-twenties. Applying his engineering expertise, Miller has tirelessly worked to create a solution that leverages cutting-edge sensor technology to help millions of visually impaired individuals regain their independence and freedom of movement.

The company's rapid progress has been nothing short of remarkable. After winning the prestigious Pitchfire Robotics Startup Competition at RoboBusiness 2023 and garnering significant attention at CES 2024, where celebrities like Stevie Wonder expressed their excitement for the groundbreaking solution, Glidance has continued to make strides.

Incubated at MassRobotics, the startup utilized its time to build the first prototypes and validate product features with real users, earning recognition as a 2024 RBR50 award winner for its innovative approach.

Miller, who outlined his go-to-market plan in an interview on The Robot Report Podcast in October 2023, has stayed true to his vision, and Glidance is now on track with its roadmap, beginning beta testing and pilot production of the first generation of Glide.

The latest product images showcase a sleek and compact design, complete with a built-in kickstand that allows users to park the unit when not in use. Notably, the system does not rely on powered wheels; instead, it actively steers the user safely around obstacles, ensuring a full day's operation on a single charge.

Since launching the prototype, Glidance has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the blind and low vision (BLV) community, with many providing valuable insights into how they would use Glide and which features should be prioritized. In response, the company has launched its deposit program, offering a one-time 40% discount from the retail price of $1,499, bringing the cost down to $899 for orders placed within the first 60 days of the official pre-sale event scheduled for this summer.

Glidance is hosting a demo day at the Helen Keller Services on May 23 in New York, marking the first time the BLV community will have the opportunity to experience Glide outside of a formal event setting. Due to the prototype nature of the product, all demos will be delivered using a remote-control system based on real-life situations experienced by Amos Miller himself.

As Glidance continues to push boundaries and bring its innovative solution closer to market, the anticipation within the BLV community grows. With its cutting-edge technology and a deep understanding of the needs of its target audience, the company is poised to revolutionize mobility assistance, empowering individuals with visual impairments to navigate the world with newfound confidence and independence.

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