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Rozum Café - The Future of Coffee Shops with Robotic Baristas

Rozum Café is revolutionizing the coffee industry with its advanced robotic coffee machine. The robotic barista, powered by a Pulse robot arm, can grind, compact, pour, foam, clean, and serve coffee just like a real barista. With a compact size of only 27 square meters, the robotic coffee point is a standalone solution to quickly start your coffee business.

The human-robot partnership is a promising solution for the coffee industry. The robotic lines, on which a human and a robot can work shoulder to shoulder, combine the efficiency of robots with human creativity. This collaboration ensures that the coffee business can continue to thrive even during a pandemic, where customer safety is a new global concern.

Rozum Café is already working in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Saudi Arabia, with more than five orders in progress. The company plans to sell robotic cafes to customers in the US, Canada, and Western Europe. In the second version of the robotic cafe, Rozum Robotics plans to expand the menu, add interactive elements to the robot interface, integrate voice control, and more.

The robotic barista is protected by a glass wall, ensuring that clients do not interact with the robot. The robot barista only needs 2 minutes 40 seconds for the largest and most complex beverage, so there are no queues even during rush hours. This makes Rozum Café an effective tool for coffee and cafe chains to stay afloat during pandemics.

Collaborative robots, such as the robotic barista at Rozum Café, can be effective and reliable helpers in the new world of food and customer safety. Hire a robot worker for your coffee business today and join the future of the coffee industry with Rozum Café.

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