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Bota systems launches highly sensitive force-torque sensor for collaborative robots

Bota Systems AG has unveiled its latest innovation aimed at enhancing the capabilities of collaborative robots: the SenseONE T5, a high-sensitivity multi-axis force-torque sensor. With sensitivity levels 3 to 5 times greater than its predecessor, the compact SenseONE T5 opens new frontiers for small-payload cobot applications requiring precision force control.

Designed specifically for cobot payloads up to 5kg, the SenseONE T5 boasts an impressive sensitivity of 0.05N/0.002Nm. This allows the sensor to accurately detect and respond to even the slightest forces and torques during operation.



"This new force-torque sensor's excellent sensitivity opens up exciting new possibilities for collaborative small-payload robots, which are used for performing highly sensitive applications," explained Ilias Patsiaouras, co-founder and CTO of Bota Systems. "The SenseONE T5 will find its niche in end-of-line quality testing of small parts, such as buttons in electronics, as well as precision assembly of highly detailed, delicate tasks, such as the routing and installation of electric cables into cabinets."

The SenseONE T5 represents a leap forward in cobot force control capabilities. By providing real-time multi-axis feedback, the sensor allows cobots to undertake intricate tasks requiring a human-like delicate touch - from handling fragile components to executing nuanced assembly operations. This enhances cobots' suitability for working safely alongside humans in industrial settings.

Optimized for easy integration, the dustproof and water-resistant SenseONE T5 can mount directly onto robotic arms without adapters. It offers high accuracy exceeding 2% with fast 2000Hz sampling rates. Negligible temperature drift ensures stable performance in factories and production environments. Multiple software integration options, including URCap for Universal Robots, ROS, and MATLAB, further simplify deployment across robot platforms.

The launch comes at an opportune time as cobot adoption accelerates across industries like electronics, automotive, aerospace and more. Bota's new sensor addresses a growing need for cobots capable of handling small, delicate components with human-like sensitivity and dexterity on the production line.

"We're excited to get the SenseONE T5 into the hands of leading cobot innovators," said Patsiaouras. "This sensor will expand the use cases for small collaborative robots in applications where precision force control is paramount."

Visitors can see the SenseONE T5 in action at the upcoming Robotics Summit & Expo in Boston on May 1-2, where Bota Systems will be exhibiting at Booth 315. As an official partner of Universal Robots, Mecademic, and recently added NEXT Robotics, Bota's expert team will be on hand to discuss integration opportunities.

Following a $2.5 million seed funding round led by Marathon Venture Capital in October 2023, the SenseONE T5 launch marks another milestone in Bota's mission to develop cutting-edge force sensor technologies that unlock new robotic capabilities. With over 200 exhibitors, networking events, and the inaugural RBR50 Robotics Innovation Awards gala, the Robotics Summit & Expo promises to be the largest of its kind and a premier showcase for game-changing robotics technologies like the SenseONE T5.

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