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BrainOS Site Maps add insights for AMR fleets

Brain Corp, developer of autonomous mobile robot software, has released Site Maps to all customers through its BrainOS platform. Site Maps empowers facilities managers to gain enhanced insights into site operations and proof-of-work using BrainOS-powered robots.

A major facilities management challenge is understanding completed versus outstanding work, especially for cleaning tasks. BrainOS provides data and tools for accessing this information. The new Site Maps feature further extends these capabilities via complete visual representations of the site environment. This improved data visualization enables real-time progress tracking of operations.

Managers can leverage Site Maps visualizations to train more efficient robot routes, optimize schedules, and identify areas needing additional attention to maximize coverage and minimize overlap. Site Maps also unlocks new BrainOS functionalities like performance grading and weekly operations summaries.

According to Tennant Company customer success specialist Nicole Holzman-Schneider, "Site maps have been a great way for customers to receive a more comprehensive operations story from robot data. This enables more intelligent, efficient work week-over-week."

Access methods include BrainOS' web-based Fleet Ops Portal, Mobile App, and email reports. Customers can contact their equipment manufacturer to activate Site Maps.

Site Maps demonstrates BrainOS' commitment to maximizing insight value from robot data. By offering an intuitive visual overview of site activity, BrainOS becomes an even more potent optimization tool for managers. This launch also showcases Brain Corp's ethos of democratizing access to cutting-edge capabilities, now providing Site Maps' benefits to their entire installed base.

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