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Brightpick groundbreaking autopicker claims RBR50 award for warehouse automation

In a year marked by remarkable advancements in the field of robotics, one innovation stands out as a trailblazer in warehouse automation: Brightpick's Autopicker system. This pioneering solution has been recognized with the coveted RBR50 Robotics Innovation Award for its remarkable fusion of mobility, manipulation, and cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI).



The annual RBR50 awards, presented by Robotics Business Review, have long celebrated the most transformative robotics technologies across various industries. However, this year's edition introduced new categories, including Application of the Year, Startup of the Year, and the highly anticipated Robot of the Year award, which Autopicker claimed with its groundbreaking capabilities.


Combining a mobile base, a robotic arm, machine vision, and AI, Autopicker revolutionizes e-commerce order fulfillment by automating the entire picking process. Its patented design enables it to seamlessly retrieve items from standard shelving and place them in designated totes, reducing the need for warehouse associates to navigate the facility with carts.


"On the AI side, this was not possible five to six years ago," Jan Zizka, co-founder and CEO of Brightpick, told The Robot Report. "Serious breakthroughs enable machine learning to generalize to unseen items."


Autopicker's AI algorithms have been trained on an astounding 500 million picks to date, and remarkably, the system continues to learn and improve with each new pick. This continuous learning capability is a testament to Brightpick's commitment to pushing the boundaries of automation and AI integration.


With an impressive 99.9% accuracy rate, Autopicker can handle a wide range of products, including groceries, cosmetics, electronics, pharmaceuticals, apparel, and more. Its versatility extends beyond picking, as the system also supports pallet picking, replenishment, dynamic slotting, buffering, and dispatch. Capable of storing up to 50,000 SKUs, Autopicker offers a goods-to-person option for heavy or challenging items, further enhancing ergonomics and efficiency.


In the past year, industry leaders such as Netrush and Rohlik Group have embraced Autopicker, deploying the cutting-edge system in their warehouses. Brightpick offers the solution through direct purchase or a robotics-as-a-service (RaaS) model, catering to the diverse needs of businesses across various scales.


Brightpick, a subsidiary of Bratislava, Slovakia-based machine vision provider Photoneo s.r.o., boasts a workforce of over 200 employees dedicated to advancing warehouse automation. The company claims that its systems can enable warehouses of any size to fully automate order picking, consolidation, dispatch, and stock replenishment.


According to Brightpick, its robots can be deployed in a matter of weeks, reducing labor assigned to picking by an impressive 98% and cutting picking costs by half. This remarkable efficiency and cost-effectiveness have fueled strong demand for Autopicker, prompting the company to raise $19 million in Series B funding earlier this year to support its expansion in the United States.


The RBR50 Robotics Innovation Awards winners, including Brightpick, will be celebrated at the upcoming Robotics Summit & Expo, taking place on May 1 and 2 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. Brightpick will showcase its award-winning Autopicker system on the expo floor, providing attendees with a firsthand look at this revolutionary warehouse automation solution.


In addition to the RBR50 showcase, the event will feature keynotes and sessions from leading companies, over 200 exhibitors, up to 5,000 attendees, a Women in Robotics Breakfast, and a Robotics Engineering Career Fair. The inaugural RBR50 Robotics Innovation Awards Gala will also take place on the first day of the event, honoring the groundbreaking innovations that are shaping the future of robotics.


As the world of robotics continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, Brightpick's Autopicker stands as a shining example of the transformative potential of combining mobility, manipulation, and AI. Its recognition as the RBR50 Robot of the Year underscores the industry's growing appreciation for solutions that seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technologies to drive efficiency, productivity, and operational excellence.

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